Welcome to WASP

WASP is a platform for fast automation of processes regardless of the type of activity, whether it is an internal task like providing direct input from people or making a decision; an external task done by other software-based services; a manufacturing machine that can be controlled remotely; or a combination of these. WASP follows a SaaS operation model, thus users subscribe to one of our membership types in order to have access to a range of functionalities that will automate and overall help you improve your services and processes.

Growing marketplace of services. As a practitioner you can use and consume any public service from the marketplace to help you automate your processes; as a software service provider, you can register your service in our marketplace and it will be available to all our users to consume; or you can register your own services to be used ONLY in your own processes or at your own organisation.

Manage process visibility across your company. Manage who you want to be capable of seeing and executing your processes within your organisation.

Connect your supply chain in real-time. WASP allows you to grow your processes vertically by aggregating processes within processes, and horizontally by connecting them to processes at different organisations. While security and privacy are maintained, you can visualise where in your supply chain your orders, or parts of them, are located in real-time.

Add and manage your business rules by automating decisions based on data of current processes. With WASP it's easy to apply your business rules to roles, services, activities and processes including those across supply chains. You can also be informed when conflicts arise.

Live quality monitoring of processes and services. Apart from seeing the current execution step-by-step of processes, you can visualise quality parameters of your processes and services such as percentage of successful executions, turnaround time, down time & delays, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and total effective equipment performance (TEEP).

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If you and your company do not have access to our WASP portal you can request it here.